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Discovering our Scottish ancestors and links to the Culbertsons' who emigrated to America.

Culbertson crest

The Culbertson crest which may originally have come from the name Cuthbert, who have a motto of Nec minus fortiter, meaning 'Not less bravely', but I do not know the origins of the shield. Any information would be great!


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We can trace our Culbertsons' back to the end of the 18th Century, when the surname was probably changed from Cuthbertson. The Cuthbertson family lived in Glasgow, Scotland and David was a merchant who traded from Glasgow and also Sligo, Eire

This site also has links to Germany, Belgium and France, which makes the research much more difficult!

The story of the Culbertson's emigrating to America is told in the Culbertson Blue Book, which can be seen HERE

Robert Culbertson 1810-1862

                         Robert Culbertson the owner of the largest mills in all Ireland