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201 Marriage 13-Jul-1837 at the Parish church, Battersea, Surrey by licence Spencer ASHLIN - full age, bachelor, corn factor - residence at time of marriage, Brixton, Surrey - Father, John ASHLIN, corn factor Louisa HARVEY - full age, spinster - residence at time of marriage, Lavender Hill, Battersea - Father John HARVEY, gentleman Witnesses:- John HARVEY, Emma HARVEY, Ann HODDEN, Ellen M ASHLIN, S? M ASHLIN, George ASHLIN ASHLIN, Spencer (I295)
202 Marriage certificate shows Alberto living at 9 Robertson St, Hastings, a draper. Father was Albert Bolingbroke a draper Emma shown as living in parish of Holy Trinity. Father, Thomas Packham, decd, was a Hotel Proprietor. Witnesses were Emily D????? & James Bissenden Family F14
203 Marriage certificate shows Robert Culbertson @ 75 Connaught Terrace & Ellen Martha Ashlin @ 68 Oxford Terrace. Groom's father is David Culbertson & bride's father 1st name not shown, but witnesses were Geo. Ashlin of 68 Oxford Terrace, Mary Anne James, Emma Harvey, ? Culbertson & Anne Ashlin. Both fathers shown as merchants Family F6
204 Marriage certificate shows:- Robert Culbertson, widower, merchant of Ballysodare, County of Sligo, father David Culbertson a merchant. Agnes Harvey, spinster of Lavender Hill, Battersea, father John Harvey a gentleman. Witnesses were John Harvey, Helen Harvey & Adelaide Harvey Family F7
205 Marriage certificate shows:- Spencer Ashlin as a Corn Factor living in Brixton, Surry, father John Ashlin also a Corn Factor. Louisa Harvey living in Lavender Hill, Battersea, father John Harvey a gentleman. Witnesses were John Harvey, Emma Harvey, Ann Hodden, Ellen M Ashlin, S? M Ashlin, George Ashlin. Family F235
206 Marriage Register search reveals a Hayne Smith married Lily Marks or Henrietta Matthey Jul-Sep 1910 in Plymouth District with a possible witness of George W Harvey. Volume 5B page 474 refers SMITH, Hayne (I208)
207 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F68
208 Married by banns with witnesses Mary Kamp & Richard Thurman. Both parties were single and from the same parish Family F192
209 Married Violet Victoria BOLINGBROKE an actress from Hastings.  CULBERTSON, Robert Bryan (I9)
210 Mary Ingledew was god-mother to Geoffrey M J Culbertson INGLEDEW, Mary (I352)
211 Maud was a dressmaker & lived in Robertson Street, Hastings with her sister Petty who was a milliner PACKHAM, Frances Maud (I20)
212 née Carter? HUTLEY, Beatrice May (I214)
213 Need to travel to Sligo and Ballysodare (Ballysadare) to try and find the deeds for the mills etc. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Robert Culbertson was in fact Robert CUTHBERTSON and that his surname was mispelt in a deed as CULBERTSON. CULBERTSON, Robert (I13)
214 No dates known Believed to have been a banker (Martin's Bank?) MARTIN, Shampy (I29)
215 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERTSON, G.M.J. (I3)
216 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CULBERTSON, G.M.J. (I3)
217 On the death of her husband moved from Eindhoven to Rake, Hampshire near son Eric VAN DER KERCKHOVE, Danielle Marie Alice (I134)
218 Oxford Journal 03 Jul 1847 Death Announcement
At her son's residence, at Streatham, in the 68th year of her age, Martha, widow of John Ashlin, Esq. of Lavender Hill and Mark Lane. 
219 Paper clipping
Parishoners' Gift Mr John Culbertson, ex-Vicar's warden of Orpington Parish Church, has received a delightful gift from friends and parishioners. Last Saturday a revolving garden shelter was delivered at his residence, "as a token of esteem," and he agrees that the gift could not have been more happily chosen. Mr. Culbertson was born in 1855, and he and Mrs. Culbertson are enjoying a well-earned rest, in which they have the good wishes of their many friends. For 49 years they have resided at Avena, and of this period Mr. Culbertson was for 40 years Vicar's warden.  
220 Paper clipping "Daily Mail" Photographs with "One armed playes in Kent Lawn Tennis Tournament. Culverson (left) and Bignold (right), each of whom has lost an arm, playing together yesterday. It is believed that he became depressed in later life and may well have thrown himself under a tram in West Malling, Kent to kill himself.  CULBERTSON, John Murray Schütz (I11)
221 Paper clipping - dated by hand April 1944 Leaving Orpington To the Editor Dear Sir, Will you kindly give me space in your paper for a few words of farewell to friends in Orpington as I am giving up my home at Avena, Albert-road, Orpington, next month, to my great sorrow. After 60 years of happiness there, it is a spot full of precious memories to me. Always I have received such courtesy and kindness from everyone, giving me much pleasure and help in my life. I am quite unable to visit all my friends, and I therefore ask them to accept from me, in these few words, greetings and thanks to one and all, and my most sincere wish for their happiness and peace in the future years. Yours faithfully, Florence Culbertson Red Hill House, Red-hill, Chislehurst.  SCHÜTZ, Florence (I42)
222 Paper clipping dated 22-Jul-1932
Orpington Parish Church Gift to Mr. J. Culbertson Mr. John Culbertson, of Avena, Orpington, who resigned on March 31st the position of Vicar's warden at orpington parish Church, after 40 years' valuable service, was presented on Saturday with a revolving garden shelter. The gift came from the parishioners as a "token of respect and esteem," and for Mr. and Mrs. Culbertson's use in their retirement, the evening of their lives. A position in the garden at Avena has been set aside for the shelter, and on Monday Mr. F. Tremain's employees were completing the final erection of it. The shelter can be moved round to face the sun when shining from any point, and a feature is the us of Vita glass. When interviewed by the Kentish Times on Monday, Mr. Culbertson stated that the gift was an ideal one for him and his wife, and it was difficult for him to express his thanks to all his friends in the parish for their kindness.  
223 Paper clipping dated by hand April 1944 Notes of the Week Link With the Past. Mrs Culbertson, of Avena, Albert-road, St Mary Cray, who is leaving for another district, was a pioneer of social and welfare work in the Orpington area over 50 years ago. Her late husband, Mr. John Culbertson, was for 40 years Vicar's warden at All Saints', Orpington, and on his retirement in 1932 Dr. Linton Smith, then Bishop of Rochester, presented him with an illuminated address and a garden shelter on behalf of the parishioners. Orpington and District Nursing Association was founded by Mrs. Culbertson in 1891. Dr. Tennyson Smith has placed on record his appreciation of the association's work and the wonderful organising abilities of Mrs. Culbertson, who was always ready to help poor people in distress. Avena was the residence of a Vicar of St. Mary Cray over 70 years ago; another resident was the late Judge Wheeler. Mrs. Culbertson has lived there for 61 years.  SCHÜTZ, Florence (I42)
224 Paper clipping Late Mr. John Culbertson To the Editor Dear Sir, The passing of Mr. John Culbertson is a real loss to Orpington. His life of service has been an example to us all, and his death is a call to us to emulate that example. For forty years secretary of the London Produce Clearing House, where he was known to his friends as "honest John," associated with the H.A.C. for nearly fifty years, churchwarden of Orpington for forty years, under five successive Vicars - what a splendid record of service! He knew Orpington as a country village, and saw it grow into one of those large and important residential area which are springing up so rapidly round London. Nothing would have pleased him better than to know that some of the younger and newer residents in Orpington would follow in his footsteps, and, inspired by his genial spirit, carry on the duties which he had so near his heart; and although modern life becomes daily more complicated and more of a rush, there is no finer work than that which, by unostentaious and devoted service, he did to try and make the lives of those around him brighter. May the example he set and the happiness he gave encourage each one of us to go and do likewise. - Yours, &c., Waldron Smithers, Shelleys, Knockholt  CULBERTSON, John (I12)
225 Paper clipping Mr John Culbertson The news of the death of Mr. John Culbertson was received with deep regret, for he was a man, who, in a life of service, had worked especially hard for the welfare of Orpington, the town of his adoption, throughout the past 50 years. His many kindly acts in the district earned for him the description "Peacemaker," while among his City business friends he was known as "Honest John" - two soubriquets which are eloquent testimony of the respect in which he was held. His work as Vicar's warden at orpington for 40 years will long be remembered, and last year a tribute was paid to him by the Bishop of Rochester, who said Mr. Culbertson did splendid service, and the parishioners of Orpington were extremely lucky that they ever had such a Churchman as John Culbertson among them for forty years. . . . He did not know what Mr. Culbertson's methods were, but he was a specialist in the management of Church accounts.  CULBERTSON, John (I12)
226 Paper clipping Rugby Club looking for new ground. Members of the Mendip Rugby Club will be looking for a new ground to take the place of the one they now use at the Mendip Hospital, which is to be sold. They were asked to do this last night (Wednesday) by the club's secretary, Mr. R. Sheldon, at the annual meeting held at the Fountain Inn. Mr. Sheldon said that although planning permission had been turned down for the land on which their field was situated, it was possible that their ground would be in a lot of about 16 acres, which would sell for around £200 an acre, and so be out of reach of the club financially. Mr. Sheldon said that if all else failed they could use the ground at Slab House, which had previously been used by the club. He appealed to everyone to keep their eyes open for a piece of land, ideally about three acres and level, that they could buy, with help from the R.F.U. The meeting was also rather a sad occasion for the members. Their chairman, Mr. R.B. Culbertson announced his intention to resign. He said it was with regret that he resigned, but he did so owing to his deafness. "The time has come for a younger and more active man to take over, especially as the St. Thomas' team have joined us," he said. Team Spirit. He expressed the hope that the older members of the club would give every help possible to the St. Thomas team and teach them to play the game in the right spirit. He said that when he first became chairman, there were many members who wanted to disband the club. In his opinion this was because there was a lack of team spirit. "No team can carry on without team spirit," he said. Year by year, since then, they have done better and better, he said. This was due to the tremendous feeling of team spirit that now existed in the club. Mr Culbertson thanked evryone for all the help they had given him in his years of office and wished the club the best of luck for the future. Dr. W.E.W. Bridger, the clubs' President, said they could not let the occasion pass without a token of appreciation to Mr. Culbertson in a tangible form. A handsome silver tankard, which will later be inscribed, was presented to Mr. Culbertson. A fuller report of the meeting will appear next week.  CULBERTSON, Robert Bryan (I9)
227 Paper clipping with photograph. Forty Years Churchwarden Mr John Culbertson, who retired in April after being for forty years Vicar's Warden at Orpington Parish Church, was formally presented by the Bishop of Rochester on Friday with a garden house, an illuminated address, and a cheque, subscribed for by friends in the parish.  CULBERTSON, John (I12)
228 Paper clippings of J.M.S. show him playing tennis Dated London: Tuesday, June 10, 1919 Lawn tennis with one arm By a curious coincidence two one-armed players, Mr Bignell and Mr Culverson, were drawn together in the first round of the Kent Lawn Tennis Championships Tournament, which opened at Beckenham yesterday. We give portraits of the two gallant rivals, Mr Bignell on the left and Mr Culverson on the right.  CULBERTSON, John Murray Schütz (I11)
229 Parents died before she was 10yrs old (?) so was brought up by her aunts Maud & Petty PACKHAM.  BOLINGBROKE, Violet Victoria (I10)
230 Petty was a milliner and lived with her sister Maud at Robertson Street, Hastings. Maud was a dressmaker. PACKHAM, Petty (I21)
231 Photo LEEUWENBURG, Barend (I126)
232 Photo as a very young man (8-9yrs) dressed in breeches, taken by J.Nelson of Sligo, with "Uncle John, John Culbertson of Avena, St Mary Cray" written on back  CULBERTSON, John (I12)
233 Photo of Hayne Smith taken by W Bradnee, 46 Fleet Street, Torquay, has "Hayne Smith of Dartmouth, son of William and Helen Smith of Dartmouth" written on back In 1901 shown as a solicitor in Dartmouth, Devon aged 41 years SMITH, Hayne (I208)
234 Photo of Helen Smith taken by W Croft of 3 Union Street, Torquay has "Helen Smith of Dartmouth, mothers Aunt, wife of William Smith" written on back. From the above I have assumed that Helen was a sister of Agnes HARVEY. HARVEY, Helen (I206)
235 Photo of William Smith taken by W Croft of 3 Union Street, Torquay, has "William Smith of Dartmouth" written on back. SMITH, William (I207)
236 Photo taken at the studio of Paulus, 2 Place de la Gendarmerie, Epernay. Written on back of photo is Jeanne van den Berghe agé 3 187? VANDEN BERGHE, Jeanne Thérèse (I122)
237 Photo taken by Chancellor, of 55 Lower Sackville Street, Dublin. Patronised by T.R.H. The Princess of Wales, H.R.H. Prince Arthur, H.R.H. The Duke of Cambridge, H.S.H. Prince Teck, The Governor General of India, Lords Lieut of Ireland & His Grace the Duke of Leinster. Has "Mrs Christian, mother of Aunt Anna, born Culbertson" written on back. CULBERTSON, Wife of Robert Christian (I24)
238 Photo taken by Charles Scott of 23 Up Sackville Street, Dublin, with "Robert Christian, Aunt Anna's brother" written on back. Shows Robert aged mid 20's. CHRISTIAN, Robert (I35)
239 Photo taken by London Stereoscopic Company of 54 Cheapside (12 doors from Bow church), under the patronage of Her Majesty. Has "Robert Culbertson, mother's father" written on back. CULBERTSON, Robert (I13)
240 Photo taken by Maul & Polyblank of 55 Gracechurch Street, London. Has "Mr John Hewitson of Mitcham" written on back of card. HEWITSON, John (I28)
241 Photo taken by Monsieur A Boucher of 23 Ship Street and 15 King's Road, Brighton. Has "Aunt Emma Hewitson, born Harvey" written on back of card. HARVEY, Emma (I27)
242 Photo taken by P. E. Chappuis of 69 Fleet Street, London with "Spencer Culbertson, Mother's half-brother" written on back. He appears to be about 40 years old. CULBERTSON, Robert Spencer (I15)
243 Photo taken by the London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company, 110 Regent Street and at 54 Cheapside. Under the patronage of Her Majesty. Sole photographers to the International Exhibition 1862. Has "Agnes Culbertson, born Harvey, mother's mother" written on back. HARVEY, Agnes (I26)
244 Photo taken by William Whitely Ltd of London in April 1907 - aged 18 years.  CULBERTSON, Robert Bryan (I9)
245 Photograph taken by Webster Bros, 4 Portchester Road, Bayswater, W opposite Royal Oak. Photo has written "Aunt Florence, wife of John Culbertson" on back.  SCHÜTZ, Florence (I42)
246 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. JACKAMAN, S. (I4)
247 Possible connection to Amy Ormsby born at Sowerby Bridge, Cleckheaton, West Riding Yorks, aged 20 years on 31-Mar-1901 ORMSBY, Amy (I142)
248 Possible marriage record between Jan-Mar 1855 at Nantwich, Cheshire (Vol 8A page 336 refers) but search for marriage of Thomas Hall in Cheshire does not produce a marriage in 1855. Family F53
249 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MACKENZIE-ASHTON, E.G. (I54)
250 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. JOHNSTON, R.R.N. (I55)

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