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Genealogy has been an on-going interest of mine for over 30 years, and it started after my grandfather died and among his effects was a locked black tin document box with his name on the side. Eventually I found the key and then found a grave receipt for a R S Culbertson, 'Uncle Spencer'.











My father had no idea who this was was, and so began the voyage of discovery, when I could find the time to do so. I now know who Uncle Spencer was and much more. Click the link to my Family Tree HERE


The Culbertson name probably originates from the Borders area of Scotland, and a Culbertson family certainly lived for many generations in Morebattle, near Kelso.


My Culbertson name may have been changed in the early 1800's from Cuthbertson, and I can trace my family name as Culbertson back to Ballysodare SW of Sligo, Ireland, where I believe the name was changed by a David Cuthbertson to Culbertson. This David Cuthbertson was a merchant from Glasgow, who moved to Sligo.


Culbertsons were some of the first people to emigrate from Scotland and Ireland to America, and today there are Culbertson towns in Montana & Nebraska, and Culbertson addresses in Oklahoma, New Albany, Indiana  & Louisville, Kentucky.


A Culbertson has also been in space as an astronaut, see Frank L. Culbertson Jr.'s Wikipedia entry.