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Photographs bring back memories of times past. Mostly they are good times, but sometimes they remind you of what you used to do or what used to happen many years ago.


The drop-down menu above will give you access to slide shows of photographs I have collected, those I found in my late father's possessions and those I have taken.


The menu selection FAA & RN, refers to the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Navy, which my father was a pilot in. Unfortunately again, I only found these photographs after he had died and as a result, have struggled to identify them properly.


The menu selection SES, refers to St. Edwards School, Oxford. In the UK this is known as a Public School, which actually means a private school. I was lucky enough to have been sent there at the age of 13 through to 18 years. My grand father, his brother, my father and my brother also attended this school. Some of these photographs date from the very early 1900's.


The menu selection Wildlife shows some of the wonderful wildlife I have been lucky enough to have seen in Costa Rica, which is one of the most biodiversity rich countries in the world, with over 320 species of birds. I have visited Costa Rica four times so far, and will hopefully return in the near future. I go with 2 or 3 friends and we all have an interest in anything wild!