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Singing is one of the finest ways to enjoy yourself, to relax and forget about all your worries and troubles. It's also said to be good for your health!


I started singing, or was coerced to sing, when at school as a 13-14 year old treble, but was only considered good enough to sing carols at Christmas. I well remember singing Jerusalem in the school chapel with 500 boys - a fantastic sound. I also sang in House competitions at school.


In 1978, shortly after I became a Police Officer in Hampshire Constabulary, a senior officer asked me whether I sang, and upon answering that I did, I was instructed to report the following Wednesday to sing with the Hampshire Police Male Voice Choir. In those days I was a 2nd Tenor, but have now converted to a bottom Bass, which is much more comfortable for my voice. That same senior officer is now a good friend and still singing with the Choir after more than 50 years.


I now also sing with a mixed voice choir, called the Phœnix Choir, based in Cosham/Emsworth area. A very different vibe, but very enjoyable too.