Singing is one of the finest ways to enjoy yourself, to relax and forget about all your worries and troubles. It's also said to be good for your health!

 I started singing, or was coerced to sing, when at school in the 1960's as a 13-14 year old treble, but was only considered good enough to sing carols at Christmas. I well remember singing Jerusalem in the school chapel with 500 boys - a fantastic sound. I also sang in House competitions at school.

 In 1978, shortly after I became a Police Officer in the Hampshire Constabulary, a senior officer asked me whether I sang, and upon answering that I did, I was instructed to report the following Wednesday to sing with the Hampshire Police Male Voice Choir - I have never regretted it! In those days I was a 2nd Tenor, but have now converted to a bottom Bass, which is much more comfortable for my voice. That same senior officer, Bryan Scarth, became a good friend and was still singing with the Choir after more than 50 years, until recently when he sadly passed away (2020).

 Please visit the Hampshire Police Male Voice Choir website and see where we are next performing. Come and see us and, more importantly, hear us and maybe even join us!

 I now also sing with a mixed voice choir, called the PhÅ“nix Singers, based in Cosham/Emsworth area. A very different vibe, but very enjoyable too.

 Both Choirs have the same problem - our members are mostly 'well past their youth' - it is always a struggle to recruit younger members. Most often, those who do try find it really enjoyable and stay, until family or work pressures prove too much. I have to say, that when I was a serving Police officer, it was a great way to forget about any of the pressures and stresses of the job.

 I am also a Trustee of the Petersfield Musical Festival which in normal years has ten days of concerts at the Festival Hall, Petersfield, and St Peter's Church, Petersfield.