Costa Rica

 Costa Rica in Central America is my favourite place to go on holiday.
This is mainly because of my amazing travelling companions, the wildlife, the scenery and Pura Vida!
The wildlife - birds, mammals, insects etc - is so amazing and the people are so friendly.


 I visited India in 2019 with two goals - the primary one was to go to the places where my mother and her family had lived in Vizag and where she had been to school in Darjeeling & Ooty. This goal was almost completely successful. The secondary goal was to see some wildlife and especially tigers. This was not so successful!


 When my father passed away in 2000 I found a number of photographs in his effects. Amongst them were a number of his time in the Royal Navy and when he was a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm. I had never seen these photographs before and have since done a lot of research in identifying the aircraft and the occasions depicted.

St Edward's School

 Again after my father passed away in 2000, I found some photo albums which had been put together by his father and uncle, some of which went back to the turn of the 19th Century. The photos in this collection cover 3 generations of my family attending St Edward's School in Oxford i.e. my great uncle, grand father, father, myself and my brother.