My interest in genealogy had been sparked as a result of the death of my paternal grandfather in 1971. Amongst his effects was a metal letter chest, which when opened, revealed some old wax seals and a grave receipt for 'Uncle Spencer'. I had never heard of him, and neither had my father! Thus began the long enquiry into the family's history, which is ongoing 50 years later.

Grave receipt for Uncle Spencer that started my genealogical researches

 Genealogy is the main reason I bought my first computer, an Amstrad PCW8256. It had a black screen and green characters - no other colours. I bought it because I was starting to amass all sorts of data and I could see that it would help me keep it in some sort of order.

 I have used a number of genealogy computer programs over the years, but now use Family Historian, which I find extremely easy to use and very flexible.

 To get my family tree onto the internet I use The Next Generation software, which after some pretty simple setup, runs itself, all based on the .ged file produced by your genealogy program. Click HERE to see the family history

  The Culbertson family name probably originates from the Borders area of Scotland around the village of Morebattle, near Kelso. Culbertson's lived in the village and ran the village shop until fairly recently (2013).

 My Culbertson ancestors were almost certainly Cuthbertson's, maybe from the Glasgow area. My gt gt gt grandfather David was a Glasgow merchant who moved to Sligo in Ireland. I believe he was a Cuthbertson who changed the surname to Culbertson when in Sligo. I have yet to find any documentary proof of this, but gravestones in St John's cathedral in Sligo certainly show the change in name.

 Many Covenanters migrated to Ireland and onwards to America. Culbertson's certainly feature in the American Civil War, and today, there are a number of towns called Culbertson, one in Montana and one in Nebraska. There are also some heritage sites in America, Culbertson Mansion, New Albany, Indiana (Wikipedia entry) and Culbertson Mansion in Louisville, Kentucky, now an "opulent Georgian revival home with Victorian furnishings". It was the home of Samuel Culbertson.

The Genealogy of the Culbertsons is a "Blue Book' published in 1893 written by Lewis R Culbertson M.D. It details the move of Culbertson's from Scotland to Ireland and then to America from about 1665 through to 1893

  I must, also mention, that a Culbertson has been in space! Frank L. Culbertson Jr has logged over 146 days in space between 1990 & 2001. See his Wikipedia entry