Culbertson's at St Edwards' School, Oxford

St Edwards' School, Woodstock Road, Summertown, Oxford was founded in 1863 by the Reverend Thomas Chamberlain and moved to its present location in 1873.

Member's of my family first attended St Edwards' School, Oxford in 1896.

 St Edwards' School has a great archive of nearly all the School Magazines produced since 1873. I have extracted all the references to my relatives contained in those magazines and have collated them together for each person. Please select the persons name on the right.

 The first was my Great Uncle,
John Murray Schütz Culbertson who arrived for the Christmas Term 1896 leaving in 1901. He died in 1946 before I was born.

 Then his brother, my grand father,
Robert Bryan Culbertson arrived for the Easter term in 1901, leaving in 1906. He died in 1971.

 Then R B Culbertson's son, my father,
John Murray Culbertson arrived in the Summer term 1936, leaving in 1941. He died in 2000

Then J M Culbertson's elder son (me)
G M J Culbertson arrived in the Autumn term 1965, leaving in 1970.
Then J M Culbertson's younger son, my brother
J C Culbertson arrived in the Autumn term 1967, leaving in 1972.

Hampshire Constabulary

 History has always been an interest of mine, and since my full retirement, I have been able to turn my attention to a number of different paths into history.

 As a result of my, nearly 30 years as a Police officer, I am now very much involved in the Hampshire Constabulary History Society. This has meant scanning and digitising many hundreds of photographs, trying to identify those people in the photographs and where & when they were taken. The Society now has a display at the Solent Sky Museum, Albert Road South, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3FR. There will also be a display at the Petersfield Museum, which is in the old Petersfield Police Station and Magistrates' Court buildings, which have been recently (2020) upgraded, and opened in 2021.

Petersfield Museum

 More locally, I am also a volunteer at the Petersfield Museum here in Hampshire, UK.

 When I started I was asked what I would like to do and what my interests were. I have always been interested in technology and as a result I was presented with a large box of unidentified negatives and asked to scan them and identify them. So far I have scanned over 4,500 negatives, some of which are the old large format glass type. A really interesting role, and one which has not finished yet after over 4 years work.

 Petersfield Museum is housed in the old Petersfield Police Station building and the Magistrates' Court building. Some major building work has been undertaken to make a fantastic museum.

 I have used the British Newspaper Archives to research what has been published in and about Petersfield in the newspapers throughout the UK since 1724.

You can see the many hundreds of entries HERE.

 The newspapers trace the story of the "Rotten Boroughs," one of which was Petersfield, and how the Jolliffe family controlled the Borough for many decades.