Photo Cards

  • Anna Culbertson née Christian
    Anna Culbertson née Christian
    Daughter of Mrs Christian and brother of Robert Christian. Wife of Robert Spencer Culbertson
  • Mrs Christian
    Mrs Christian
    Mother of Anna & Robert Christian
  • Robert Christian
    Robert Christian
    Son of Mrs Christian and brother to Anna Christian
  • Agnes Culbertson née Harvey
    Agnes Culbertson née Harvey
    1st wife of Robert Culbertson
  • Florence Culbertson née Schütz
    Florence Culbertson née Schütz
    Wife of John Culbertson
  • Marriage announcement
    Marriage announcement
    John Culbertson to Florence Schütz
  • Robert Bryan Culbertson
    Robert Bryan Culbertson
    2nd son of John & Florence Culbertson
  • Robert Culbertson
    Robert Culbertson
    Husband of Agnes Culbertson née Harvey
  • Robert Spencer Culbertson
    Robert Spencer Culbertson
    Known as Spencer, husband of Anna Christian
  • John Hewitson
    John Hewitson
    Husband of Emma Harvey
  • Barend Leeuwenberg
    Barend Leeuwenberg
  • Gustavus Claussen Schütz
    Gustavus Claussen Schütz
    Claussen SCHÜTZ
  • Hayne Smith
    Hayne Smith
    Son of William & Helen Smith
  • Helen Smith née Harvey
    Helen Smith née Harvey
    Wife of William Smith, mother of Hayne Smith
  • William Smith
    William Smith
    Husband of Helen Smith née Harvey
  • Berthe van den Berghe
    Berthe van den Berghe
    Note - photo taken in Teheran
  • Jeanne Thérèse van den Berghe
    Jeanne Thérèse van den Berghe
    Aged 3 years
  • Jeanne Thérèse van den Berghe
    Jeanne Thérèse van den Berghe
  • Pierre van den Berghe
    Pierre van den Berghe
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